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Master Digital Marketing in a week

Monday, 31 August 2015 19:05
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How going back to school for five days could transform your business

Monday, August 24th was a very special day for Mark Zuckerberg. For the first time,ONE BILLION people signed onto Facebook. That is one in seven people on Earth. The online entity he created in his college bedroom in 2004 has redefined the worldwide web.

If your business has not adapted to this revolution, there is every chance you are missing out on opportunities to connect with new customers and drive up sales. In short, if you are not a master of digital marketing now, you are holding back the growth of your business.

Fortunately, you can mend your ways very quickly by making a modest investment in both time and money that will see instant returns when you put your digital marketing skills to work.

BSM’s Diploma course in Digital Marketing is for everyone: you can be an absolute beginner. The course is taught face to face at our centre in Bournemouth, which means our experts can respond to your questions and ensure that by the end of each day you really know what you are doing. They will cover everything from Google to Facebook and from Twitter to Chimp Mail. 


If you are worried that your business will suffer, because you are not there for a week, then consider the example of Nathan Wood. 

Like everyone else with a small high street store, his electrical business in Derby was facing competition from giant multi-nationals and dwindling sales. He could have just kept his head down and hoped for a change of fortune, but he didn’t. Nathan Wood stopped what he was doing and, quite literally, took stock.  What did he have in his inventory that might lend itself to an online business?  Was there something light that could be posted out to his customers? Was there an item that came came in all sorts of different varieties and brands, a niche that he could dominate by stocking a bigger range than the big stores? The product Nathan Wood hit on was hoover bags and so dustbag.co.uk was born, a business based on a website and a warehouse. That was back in 2003, a year before Facebook came along, and so Nathan has had to refine his business model to connect with his customers through social networks.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could come up with a similar idea to transform your business? Well, there’s every chance you will if you spend a week with our digital marketing experts. Going back to school for a week will not only give you new skills, or help you sharpen the ones you have already, it will open your eyes to new ideas.

BSM Digital’s one-week diploma is accredited by the Institute of Digital Marketing and is a qualification that is recognised all over the world. 


The course costs £1,395. You may think that’s a significant expense for your business, but ask yourself how much you may be losing in revenues right now by muddling along or buying in expert marketing advice. This course is about investing for tomorrow.

Go back to school at BSM Digital this September and you can boost your online presence, lower your marketing costs and increase sales and profits by taking control of your digital marketing future. 

Just look at Facebook to see a billion reasons. You know it makes sense.