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Diploma Digital Marketing 




Small & Medium Enterprises

This qualification provides you with the knowledge and skills you need to plan, implement and
monitor effective digital marketing campaigns.

Above and beyond your potential

About the course


We will tailor a digital marketing strategy for your business needs and create an in-house digital competency to maximize your potential to become a leader in your sector.

Course Overview

Digital marketing is about accepting and embracing change and about constantly learning new rules. If you allow your company to stand still, it could easily fall by the wayside and slide down the rankings. In order to survive and embrace the possibilities of the digital economy, every corporate company needs to understand the external and internal challenges presented to them by the digital climate.

One of the most crucial external challenges is the complexity of multiple digital platforms and the constantly evolving features of those platforms from Google to Bing, Facebook to Twitter. The lack of general knowledge of SEM and SEO also limits the companies potentials to cross sell their services and products and leaves them open to potential future threats. Our progam is applicable for all vertical industry sectors.

At Bournemouth School of Marketing, our industry experts will enable you to ensure everyone in your marketing team is fully up to speed with all the latest changes and adaptations to the digital marketing mix. We see it as our responsibility to make sure that each member of your team is qualified enough to deliver the commercial results that your company deserves.

What challenges are you facing? 

  • Are you constrained geographically or from a product/service perspective?

  • Are you product driven, not market driven?

  • Do you currently suffer from limited return on investment from your activities?

Compelling Benefits

  • Allow you to achieve competitive differentiation;

  • Learn how to optimize your marketing costs to grow your sales;

  • Reduce your reliance on marketing/digital agencies;

  • Gain more control over your marketing activities;

  • Benefit from our on-track mentoring service.

Why learn digital with BSM Digital


Get better at managing agency costs

We will help you avoid hidden marketing/digital agency costs.

BSM Digital will focus only on your business

Agencies usually have multiple accounts so how do they provide a dedicated service for you and advise you of your sectors best digital practices. 

Agency experience of your industry sector

Agencies do not have your industry experience or depth, you do! Therefore by learning the core skills of digital marketing you can apply this directly to your industry.

BSM Digital Post-Mentoring Services

Other digital learning institutes & colleges do not offer dedicated “post-mentoring” services.



Why Study This Course

The Global Standard

Our program is an academically and globally recognized certification, taught in over 50 countries worldwide.

Industry Practitioners

Our professional diploma is a practical, hands-on course developed and taught by leading industry experts.

Accredited Certification

Our diploma is mapped on the European Qualifications Framework and validated by the Scottish Qualifications.


What Will You Learn

Modules & Sillabules

  • Intro to Digital Marketing

    The Introduction to Digital Marketing module explains key concepts in digital marketing and gives you an overview of the BSM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. You will learn how different channels can be used

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  • Search Engine Optimisation

    The Search Engine Optimisation module explains the fundamental mechanisms of the internet and teaches you how to use the latest techniques to drive traffic to your site and improve visibility and performance. SEO

    Read more
  • Pay Per Click

    On the Pay Per Click module you will learn how to create, cost-effective PPC campaigns that enable you to find and use strong keywords that will drive sales as well as click-through rates. You will learn how to set budgets

    Read more
  • Email Marketing

    This is simply a form of direct marketing using email as a means of communicating with current and potential customers. It is the digital equivalent of traditional marketing by means of direct mail, printed newsletters

    Read more
  • Digital Display Advertising

    On the Digital Display Advertising module you will learn how to create advertisements that stand out on the page and work effectively in promoting your message. The wide range of display formats will be explained as well as

    Read more
  • Mobile Marketing

    The Mobile Marketing module explains how to use the latest location marketing and smartest proximity strategies to connect with customers who are on the move. You will learn digital marketing skills for the smartphone

    Read more
  • Web Analytics

    The Web Analytics module underpins all the channels you will use in your digital marketing campaigns by showing you how to measure, assess and hone your output using specialist tools. You will learn how to

    Read more
  • Social Media Marketing

    In the Social Media module you will learn about how to adapt your digital marketing strategies to make the most effective use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube and emerging platforms. You will also

    Read more
  • Planning and Strategy

    In the Strategy and Planning module you will learn how to integrate all your activities in the different channels you have studied on the BSM Diploma in Digital Marketing. The course will teach you how to create a

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Syllabus Advisory Council

The Syllabus Advisory Council is the industry based working group which defines and validates our Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing syllabus content. The Council contributes to the development of internationally recognised standards supporting digital marketing education by ensuring the consistency of our industry-led training and certification programmes.

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