Intro to Digital Marketing

The Introduction to Digital Marketing module explains key concepts in digital marketing and gives you an overview of the BSM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing. You will learn how different channels can be used together to create a winning and cost-effective digital marketing campaign.


Digital Marketing, often referred to as Online Marketing, Internet Marketing or Web Marketing, means marketing activity carried out online, as opposed to the more familiar traditional marketing using print media, live promotions and advertising on TV and radio.

The unprecedented phenomenal global expansion of Internet use has led to the rapid growth of the Digital Marketing Industry as one direct consequence. The effectiveness of Digital Marketing channels in generating revenue and awareness, when applied correctly is another. In comparison with traditional methods of advertising, Digital Marketing offers considerably more realistic costs, which is of particular importance for small and medium-size businesses and new start-ups, accurate targeting and excellent reporting of results. Digital Marketing channels include, but are not limited to:

   •  Search Engine Optimisation

   •  Web Analytics

   •  Pay Per Click Marketing

   •  Email Marketing

   •  Social Media Marketing

   •  Affiliate Marketing

   •  Digital Display Advertising

   •  Mobile Marketing

   •  Online Video Marketing

   •  Online PR


In today’s world, innovation in marketing is all coming through these and other digital channels. This is the module of the BSM Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing programme that explains and demonstrates the power of the internet and shows how these changes can be harnessed to power marketing activity as the relationships between organisations and customers define life in the 21st Century. Students will be shown how to apply digital concepts across the marketing function in any business.

Topics covered include:

   •  Digital Marketing Strategies

   •  Aligning Internet with Business Objectives

   •  Ample great Case Studies

   •  Internet User Behaviour and how users Navigate

   •  How to develop a Digital Plan