Social Media Marketing

In the Social Media module you will learn about how to adapt your digital marketing strategies to make the most effective use of Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and YouTube and emerging platforms. You will also learn how to build and sustain relationships with friends, followers, connections, subscribers and circles to ensure you are always part of the conversation.


Gaining traffic or attention through social media sites is now considered one of the most important digital marketing channels available to marketers.

In this module students gain the essential know-how to plan and manage communications and marketing through the rapidly emerging and maturing though already influential social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, linkedIn and Google+. The module l provides you the techniques and tools needed to understand and grasp the opportunities offered by best practice social media marketing and online PR. Students learn how to make use of a company’s presence on Social Media platforms to generate more connections, build on existing relationships with customers and boost profits.

Topics covered include:

   •  What Social Media Marketing is

   •  An overview of the main social media platforms:
      - Facebook
      - Twitter
      - LinkedIn
      - Blogging
      - Youtube

   •  Increasing website traffic by using Facebook, Twitter, Video, etc

   •  Using Social Media to Build brand awareness

   •  Examples of Best practice and Case Studies