Planning and Strategy

In the Strategy and Planning module you will learn how to integrate all your activities in the different channels you have studied on the BSM Diploma in Digital Marketing. The course will teach you how to create a coherent Digital Marketing Plan and how to monitor KPIs to ensure your strategy wins audiences and customers within clearly defined budgetary targets.


The agenda in today’s marketing departments is being driven by Digital Marketing. This module guides students through the complexities involved in planning, buying and executing a marketing campaign that integrates traditional marketing and digital activities. All aspects have their part to play, display, search, affiliate, email, mobile and social and all are included.

Topics covered include:

   •  Examples of integrated marketing plans

   •  Using the best digital marketing channels for maximum impact

   •  Creating an integrated digital marketing plan

   •  Costing and resourcing internet plans

   •  Aligning business objectives, strategy and tactical solutions